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Importance of Orthodontics1

Importance of Orthodontics

Importance of Orthodontics

Many people believe that the reason orthodontics is used is purely aesthetic. While in truth everyone likes to have a perfect smile, this is not the only motivation. Orthodontics plays a very important role in oral health that in turn can affect the rest of the body. A person can present many anomalies, from very deep bite to crowding of the teeth. 

Orthodontics is responsible for solving those problems, to have healthier teeth and even gain security. The time used depends on the type of treatment needed and orthodontics.

Types of orthodontics

Currently there are different types of orthodontics, some are for certain ages or to correct specific anomalies. There are also those that have a more aesthetic or discreet appearance.

Some of the types of orthodontics are:

  • Interceptive: this is used in children during the process of moving their teeth. Its function is to avoid the development of future anomalies. The main problem that may arise is malocclusion. This type of orthodontics also seeks to avoid habits such as nail biting, lower lip suction and palate expansion.
  • Corrective: it is used to correct malocclusion or aesthetic issues in adulthood. These in turn are divided into removable, which are those that can be removed and put on and the fixed ones are the brackets.
  • Lingual: Lingual orthodontics is very similar to the traditional braces but this goes inside the teeth. This factor makes them more discreet, however they can be a bit uncomfortable and it takes longer to adapt due to the constant rubbing with the tongue.
  • Invisalign: they are similar to retainers that can be removed and put on. It is the most discreet and comfortable type of orthodontics because it is seldom noticed that they are wearing.

Anomalies that orthodontics can solve

As we mentioned, there are many anomalies that can occur in the teeth and some of them are:

  • Little alignment and even crowding of the teeth, this problem is usually one of the most common and the main drawback for which it is decided to use orthodontics.
  • Bad position of the teeth with respect to the jaws, these may be too far or far behind.
  • Deep bite or malocclusion, this means that the upper and lower teeth are not aligned and are worn by constant rubbing.
  • Maxillary teeth displacement.

Benefits of orthodontics

Orthodontics helps prevent tooth decay or diseases that develop in the mouth. This is because problems such as crowding prevent proper oral hygiene. It also benefits by preventing the loss of teeth. On the other hand, they also help to eliminate tension caused by tooth abnormalities. Orthodontics allows you to have a better appearance in the smile by correcting their aesthetic problems.

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