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Oral Cancer Screenings

What are Oral Cancer Screenings?

Oral cancer can strike at any time, and certain lifestyle habits can increase your risk of this cancer. Thankfully, oral cancer screenings are done easily and quickly in our office. In fact, we can incorporate these screenings into your twice-yearly checkup appointments to completely help in preventing future problems. Cancer screenings should be done on all adults regardless of age and lifestyle habits.

Why are Oral Cancer Screenings needed?

Certain lifestyle habits can make you more susceptible to developing oral cancer. For example, smokers and those who chew tobacco are more prone to developing this cancer at some point in their lives. However, oral cancer can affect patients who are simply more apt to develop cancer or who families where cancer is prevalent. This is why it is essential to have oral cancer screenings done routinely.

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Guadalupe Facundo

Who is a good candidate for Oral Cancer Screenings?

Every adult patient is a good candidate for an oral cancer screening. Regardless of age and any habits that you have, an oral cancer screening can help us to identify unusual lesions and spots so that treatment is provided early on. It is better to be proactive about your oral health than to assume you simply do not and will not get oral cancer.

What happens during an Oral Cancer Screening?

We begin by taking a look at the inside of your mouth. We are looking for any spots, lesions or unusual marks that may indicate oral cancer. If we notice that there is a spot that looks suspicious, we may recommend a biopsy and other treatment plans. This can help to diagnose cancer, if it is found. In some cases, unusual spots are nothing more than a change to the inside of your mouth and are nothing to worry about. We suggest having these oral cancer screenings done at least once a year.

If you think you may need an oral cancer screening and want to know more about how it’s done, call us today and we will be more than happy to further help you.

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