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Understand Your Toothache f

Understand Your Toothache

Understand your toothache

Frequent toothache or facial pain on awakening? It is a fairly common problem that can be rather disturbing. Of course, it is important to consult a health professional to determine the source of these persistent toothaches and facial pain. But already, some tracks can be considered. Toothache or to the face when waking up can have different causes. 

One of these can come from a toothache done during sleep at night. This problem, called bruxism, is common. It can be related to stress and tension experienced during the day. The strong pressure on the teeth and jaws caused by bruxism leads to various pains in the mouth and face. The muscles of this region remaining very tense can also create these pains. Also, toothache or face may be caused by a problem in the neck or sinus. Indeed, these areas of the head share common nerves, which could explain why the pain spreads to the teeth or the rest of the face. Another important element to consider during face pain or toothache in the morning: dental prosthesis problems if you miss some natural teeth. If you wear partial dentures, here is some information that can shed light on your pain. Here are some solutions to help you.

Solutions to toothache with dental prosthesis

Dentures that cause toothache or face pain can happen, even if they are made for you and adjusted to your body type. Prostheses can be broken or worn, or they may have lost the fit that your denturist had given them. Also, your mouth may have changed over time. New adjustments to your dentures may, therefore, be required. As you will have understood, your denturologist is the person to consult when you have toothache or pain in your mouth, if you wear dental prostheses. However, only a dentist can diagnose and treat your natural teeth. If your denturologist suspects a problem like this, he will refer you to a dentist for relief. If you think your discomfort is related to dentures, your denturologist is the person who can help you. He made your dentures, and he knows the peculiarities of your mouth and his needs. Together, you can find the solutions that are best suited to the problems with your teeth that you feel in the morning, or at any other time of the day.

Your denturologist, to consult during pains

Remember that the primary goal of your denturologist is to relieve you. Your denturologist will also take care to keep your dentures perfectly functional and to ensure all the aesthetics of your smile. Depending on the evaluation of the type of problem that you present, it will be able to propose various solutions. One of these may be an occlusal plaque. This plate makes it possible to avoid the contact between the teeth of the top and those of the bottom. It is used especially during bruxism or jaw problems. Also, if muscle disorders are related to your pain, your denturologist may offer you the care of other health professionals, such as a physiotherapist.

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